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Launch, Control, and Grow

Features built to enhance your website & marketing effort

Mobile, Simple & Fast

Tell Kleap what your business or product is and watch it turn features into exciting benefits in seconds. It will generate headlines, images, product bullet points, meta descriptions, FAQs, and more.

+500 prebuilt section

Kleap is the perfect way to drive physical people to your online content. You can create engaging pages in few seconds with our AI content generator – no coding required.

Drag, Drop, and Deliver

Working on your site doesn't have to be a chore! With the intuitive interface, edit your content, add new products and manage your business from your mobile phone without stress.

Build Your Audience

Convert your website visitors into email or SMS subscribers, and then into customers. Gain insights for informed decisions with sales analytics. Expand your audience with fresh content and email or SMS broadcasts. Manage orders, registrations, and get real-time business updates in one place.

Collect request with forms

Keep track of orders and registrations, and get real-time information about your business all in one place.

Audience, Email & SMS

Grow your audience even further by posting new contents and sending email or SMS broadcasts.

Collect Emails or Phone Numbers

Build a robust marketing contact list.

Sell Products & Services

Sell products and subscriptions globally with our secure, integrated payment process. Offer flexible payment plans: monthly, quarterly, biannual, yearly, or custom. Sell digital downloads, eBooks, physical products, courses, or memberships.

Sell product & subscription

Don’t limit your creativity – whether you want to sell a digital download, eBook, physical product, course, or monthly membership, Kleap has you covered.

Sell a Newsletter Membership

Transform your newsletter into a profitable venture.

Sell Physical Products

Seamlessly manage and sell tangible items.

Generate entire page & Chat with AI

Use ai to help you generate the 80% of your page in second. Focus on make it better and more accurate


Join 100'000 empowered entrepreneurs

Kleap has hosted over 80 million visitors.

You have the power

Experience a secure and lightning-fast dashboard. Our advanced technology ensures peak performance globally. Elevate your SEO game with our mobile-first strategy, enhancing your website's ranking significantly. Own your online space: link your personal domain or acquire a new one, and maintain full control of your data.


Check the health of your business in one sight on your dashboard, see what needs to be done

Deploy in seconds, SEO

Boost Your SEO with the Latest Trends. Our mobile-first approach delivers high impact on your website’s ranking.

Analytics built in

Get valuable insights into your sales with analytics that can help you make informed decisions about your products and messaging.

For creators, small business owners, and marketing directors alike, Kleap is the ideal tool to elevate your venture. It provides comprehensive analytics to track your progress, understand your audience better, and make data-driven decisions. With Kleap, scaling your business becomes a streamlined and informed process, tailored to your unique needs and growth goals.

Connect Your Custom Domain

Ensure your community can always find you by playing it safe: connect a custom domain. This guarantees a consistent, easily identifiable online presence, fostering a stronger and more reliable connection with your audience.


How do I activate the AI on Kleap?

Kleap’s AI is available to all users. You can activate the AI by using the space bar, selecting text and clicking “Ask the AI”, or by using slash-commands. You must take action to activate the AI.

The AI will not generate content or send requests to our AI providers unless you perform one of the above actions. You are in control of the situation.

How does Kleap's AI use my data?

Your data is always encrypted and private, in accordance with our data protection practices.

Kleap’s AI content generator will not use your data to train its models. Any information used to feed Kleap’s AI will be shared with our partners for the sole purpose of providing you with AI functionality. We do not allow any partners or third parties to use your data to train their models or for any other purpose.

What sets Kleap's AI apart from other AI tools?

While there are many AI-powered tools available, here’s what makes Kleap’s AI unique:

AI is most useful when integrated directly with your website. With Kleap, you don’t need to switch back and forth between your website and a separate AI tool. Plus, our AI can understand your website to write even more accurate content for your pages.

Unlike other tools, Kleap has a unique, intuitive (drag-and-drop) text editor that is particularly flexible. Any content generated by AI can be easily rearranged and transformed. In the future, Kleap’s AI will leverage even more Kleap features.

Kleap’s AI is already useful for pages and blog, but it can go far beyond that. We will continue to expand the capabilities of our AI, with a focus on optimizing your website to rank even better on search engine. This is just the beginning!

Is the AI available in the free version of Kleap?

No, the AI feature is only available in Kleap’s paid plans. In order to access the AI functionality, you’ll need to upgrade to the Creator or Business plan.

How many words are included with Kleap's AI feature?

The Creator plan includes 5,000 words for the entire team, while the Business plan includes 50,000 words.

If you need more words, you can easily order additional words with add-ons.

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