Kleap Changelog

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August 23, 2022


Dashboard removed

We're happy today to announce that the old dashboard no longer exists.

We want to have the easiest experience possible.

We, therefore, remove any step or page that is not useful.

From now on, thanks to the menu, it is possible to change the workspace and do all the actions related to your account.

Multiple corrections in builder

August 15, 2022


Column system

You can now make a column in the desktop builder version. a signature field to your Tally forms to collect signatures for contracts, proposals, payments, and more.

Switch to the desktop version mode then drag&drop a bloc side to another bloc.

Resize button

On the desktop version, you can now resize any button on the page.

Click on a button to see a red line. Drag the line to change the width of the button.

Resize & center images

On the desktop version, it's now possible to resize any images. You can also center them.

Click on an image to see red lines. Drag one of the lines to change the width of the image.